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What type of event is the Race Car Trackless Train suited for? The Race Car Trackless Train is perfect for Birthday parties. school events, church carnivals, and corporate events. 

What type of surface can the Race Car Trackless Train travel on? We can operate on just about any smooth flat surface. (grass, cement and asphalt) If the surface is grass it must be firm and dry. We do not operate on muddy conditions.

We are doing an event would you be interested in operating your Race Car Train at our event? We do many festivals every year. If you have an event and you're looking to put together a kid zone then we can help your from start to finish. Please check out our other website www.funfilledevents.com

Do you require a down payment? Yes, when reserving your party or event we require a deposit of $100. Its only refundable if weather is unsafe to operate.

How many riders can the race car train hold? The pace car and three race cars can hold up to 18 kids depending on size. If you get the extra car then it will hold up to 24 kids or 16 adults depending on size of the passenger.

Do you have insurance? YES, We carry a $1,000,000 insurance policy

Can you operate the Race Car Train in Public parks? Yes, parks are a great place to operate the Race Car Trackless Train. You will need to check with the city recreation department and check requirements. Most city parks will require a park fee and proof of insurance to operate the trackless train in the parks. We will help you work out the details.

How long is your train? The Race Car Trackless Train with the pace car and 3 race cars is over 35' long and when set up with the pace car and all four cars is over 40' feet long.

Can I, or my guests operate the Race Car Trackless Train? No, Extreme Fun Events will provide a pace car driver.

What is your bad weather policy? On the day of your event if the weather is unsafe to operate then we will cancel your party and give you a full Refund. 

What is your cancellation Policy? There is a $100.00 cancellation charge for any cancellation that's not weather related.

When should I make a reservation? We recommend making a reservation at least one month before your party or special event. This Race Car Trackless Train is Hot once again for 2016 so it will book up fast!

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How far in advance should I make my reservation? We recommend that you reserve your event three to six weeks in advance. The earlier you make your reservation the better.

Why rent from us? When renting from us you can rest assure we will be ontime every time and your Race Car Slide will be tied down and set up safe. Our staff is trained to not only set up safe but operate safe. We will take care of stuff that most overlook. 

Do you staff your Race Car Slides? The Victory Lap Slide comes with staff to enforce rules and make sure it gets operated safe. The Disney's Cars Slide can be rented with or without staff. If you're planning a big event we recommend asking us to staff it.

Do you require a deposit to make a reservation? For rentals over $200, deposits can be as much as 50% of the total rental price. Reservations are not complete until we receive deposit. Deposits can be made by phone.

Do you have Liability Insurance? Ultimate Race Car Parties LLC is one of the few companies with a liability insurance policy. We have insurance to do any park that allows inflatable slides. A copy of our insurance binder is available upon request and will be sent to park or special event within the time needed. This is a very important question when choosing a good company.

What is your bad weather policy? If it rains or if there is high winds (25 mph) we have the right to cancel your reservation at no charge to you. We do not deliver in the rain because the slide will become wet and will not be safe to use. On the day of your reservation we will contact you to discuss weather conditions. If we drop off the rental and it's not raining and it begins to rain during your party there are no refunds. 

What is your cancellation policy? If you choose to cancel your race car slide please do it 7 days prior to your rental date to get a full refund on your deposit. If the weather is unsafe on the day of your event you can cancel for a full refund.

What about the wind? If wind gusts of 25mph or higher come up, the slide will need to be turn off until the wind dies down. Nothing is worth an inflatable being caught in a windstorm with children inside. 

What type of surface do I need to rent a race car slide? The safest surface is a level grassy area. We can also set up on cement and other hard sufaces. A small incline is ok but too high of a incline is unsafe. Please let us know what surface the slide will be set up on. Our #1 concern is safety! What most people don't know is the inflatable slides should be well staked to prevent it from tipping over and if your surface happens to be a hard surface we need to bring sand bags or water cans to secure your Slide from moving. When we set up your Race Car slide you can assure your Slide is set up with safety in mind!